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I. Regulation 


A tournament with 2 people in 1 team will make energetically in the whole world of Dragon Oath from April to June 2017 named “Perfect Couple”.


After many months of martial arts training, it's your time to shine. Let your name be revered throughout the world. Do not miss this special opportunity.

In order to prepare for the most expecting competition, Dragon Oath Team has established the rules and procedures required players need to follow:


II. Terms and Conditions 

- Perfect Couples event 2017 include 5 awards:

  • The First Prize: 1

  • The Second Prize: 1

  • The Third Prizes: 3

- During the registration time, Dragon Oath team usually update the register list weekly.

- The maximum numbers of participating teams is 32 teams, if the tournament has more than 32 teams, the last registered teams will be disqualified.


III. Register Information 

1. Registration time: 4/24/2017 - 5/18/2017 

2. Registration Form

- Email Subject: Register Perfect couple 2017

- Team name: Endless love (example)

- Registrant’s Name:

- Team Information:

  • Character’s Name 1 – Character ID 1 – Class – level - Sex

  • Character’s Name 2 – Character ID 2 – Class – level – Sex 

- After registration, Dragon Oath team will check the validity then reply to the team leader.

- Any team registration is valid and successful, Dragon Oath team will confirm the email: “You have successfully registered the tournament Perfect Couple 2017”.


3. Charcter / Team naming rules 

- Do not name your team using special symbol, not in the Latin alphabet and arithmetics

- From the start of registration date to the end of the tournament, Team member must follow rules below:

  • Do not change character name.
  • Do not change account information.
  • Each character can not register for 2 team at the same time.
  • Each team must have 2 members with different genders, classes (not accepting a group with the same class).


IV. Competion Method 

Use function Challenge at Da Li (68,232) to compete.

- Organizing online matches, the duration of the tournament will be scheduled specifically.

1. Form of competition

  • Form of competition: PK 2 vs 2.

  • 32 teams take part in knockout round to select 16 teams to enter the next rounds.

  • Matches Schedule will be determined by Dragon Oath team.

2. Rounds 

  • Knockout Round: May 27 - May 29

  • Round of 16 teams: May 30 - May 31

  • Quarter-finals Round: June 2

  • Semi-final Round: June 3

  • Final Round: June 10


3. Competition Rules


  • Each team must obey the commands of GM when we are controlling the match.

  • Assassin must not use Hiding Skill (invisible) for yourself and the team before entering the match. In the match, Assassin could not use Hiding skill over 1 minutes. If any warriors break the rules, this team will be treat as loser.

  • If the players leave the Arena (active or passive) will be lost.

  • After the characters were already, the match is started. If any problems occur like disconnect internet, lag, ….. and all about your characters, Dragon Oath Team will not be responsible and the match will continue until the end.

  • Each team will have 2 members with 2 different classes (not accepting a group with the same class)

  • During the match, breaking any rules below will be treat as the loser:

  • Do not equip with any Ardors.

  • Do not use Special Weapon, which you collect in Swallow's Dock and buy in Token Shop/Bonus token.

  • Do not level up.

  • Do not use the items restored 100% or more of HP and MP.

  • Do not use items from pharmaceutical preparations of other class (if any) when competing. (only use your own class’s pharmaceutical preparations).

  • Do not use the items restored 50% or more of HP and MP.

  • Do not use any softwares to interfere in the match.

  • Do not use Pet with Blood Sacrifice and Advanced Blood Sacrifice skills.

  • Do not use effects from the Reborn skills: Substitution of Pyromancer in the game, if no member in your team is from Pyromancer.

  • In case no member in your team is from Pyromancer, but still use effects from the Reborn skills of Pyromancer. That member will be locked for 1 year and canceled the results of the team competition.

  • In case there is one member from Pyromancer, one of the participants are welcome to use the effect on the Reborn of that member (if there are 2 or more members use Reborn skill, it’s supposed to break rules).

  • The Tournament Allows:

  • To use buff items.

  • To use Pets, except Pet with Blood Sacrifice and Advanced Blood Sacrifice skills.

  • To use HP and MP purchased in the Token Shop.



**** NOTICE:

  • Each player is only play for one team, if there is a cheat, the team which have that member will lose the competition.

  • When it's time in the match if the team does not gather enough members, it will have to compete with a number of members there are.

  • The team shall be responsible for the system of machines and lines joining the game.

  • In case of team members disconnected, the game still continue. if that member is online again, he/she cannot join the team  again and the game continues to take place.

  • In case of the teams are competing but disconnected (Crash) due to a system error, the match will be postponed and the schedule will be announced later..

  • In case of any dispute the decision of Dragon Oath team is the final decision.